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The Featured Document Blog places the past in your grasp by introducing a compelling item from our digital collection.

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As Southern states seceded from the Union in the months leading up to the Civil War, Missouri struggled with the decision of whether to rebel and join the new Confederacy. On January 21, 1861, the state called a convention to consider the "relations between the Government of the United States ... and the Government and people of the State of Missouri; and to adopt such measures for vindicating the sovereignty of the State, and the protection of its institutions, as shall appear to them to be demanded." On February 18, voters elected an overwhelmingly pro-Union group of representatives to the convention. Despite strong Unionist sentiment, this set of resolutions from February or March of 1861 reveal that Missouri was a true border state: one that wanted to preserve slavery and yet ultimately rejected calls to abandon the Union.

This set of resolutions encapsulated the arguments in favor of Missouri remaining in the Union, even as it maintained a strong proslavery position. The opening lines of the document suggest that the convention favored the so-called blue and pink nike air max 2015 KHndJiwcjJ
, referring to a set of six constitutional amendments and four Congressional resolutions proposed by Senator John J. Crittenden. Intended to be palatable to both sides, the amendments would have restored the prohibition of slavery north of the 36 degree, 30 minutes line of the Missouri Compromise. Congress would be forbidden from abolishing slavery in slave states and the District of Columbia, and from interfering with the interstate slave trade. Congress would be required to compensate slave owners for escaped slaves. Most controversially, the sixth proposed amendment would forever prohibit future amendments revoking any of the six Crittenden amendments.

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This Easy Beef Pasta Skillet is one of those meals you make on a quiet Sunday night with a glass of wine in your hand. It is a simple recipe for a flavorful beefy creamy pasta with tomatoes and mushrooms. The meal is made from a few wholesome ingredients, and it is so delicious that my husband went (read more)

Last month I went to Portland, Oregon on my own. I shared the experience on Instagram and the response was amazing. I got messages from women that I (read more)

A day of waterfalls and wine in Oregon - what could be better? During my three day trip to Portland, Oregon I spent a day on a waterfalls and wine (read more)

Avocado Cheddar Grilled Cheese Egg in the Hole combines three of my favorite things: grilled cheese, avocado toast, and a sunny side up egg. What more (read more)

This Cheese, Veggie, and Prosciutto Pastry Roll Ups recipe is a super easy Easter appetizer takes just minutes to prepare, and it is a beautiful (read more)

This easy to prepare Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprout Salad is anything but ordinary. It is a salad with bold flavors that makes for an easy (read more)

I was very impressed by the restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Every meal I had was wonderful, so wonderful that I am eager to return to Portland to try (read more)

This is the best deviled egg recipe - these deviled eggs have the perfect balance of richness from the egg yolk and mayonnaise plus seasoning from (read more)

Homemade pita chips are easy to make in just a few minutes of active preparation time. I love to make parmesan garlic pita chips to serve with spinach nike roshe run 2015 white water

A healthy twist on a classic recipe, this Reduced Fat Spinach Artichoke Dip is irresistibly delicious. The best part is that you can prepare this easy (read more)

Portland oozes Pacific Northwest cool and a genuine pride for the city. But locals haven’t let their city’s popularity get to their heads. Maybe (read more)

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