nike roshe childrens

nike roshe childrens
nike roshe children's

April 19th, 2018 Imani Winds

April 19th, 2018 Imani Winds

The Imani Winds is Chamber Music Northwest’s Artists-in-Residence for the 2017-18 Season and they make a special appearance on Thursdays @ Three! Extolled by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “what triumph sounds like”, Imani Winds has established itself as one of the most successful chamber music ensembles in the United States. Since 1997, the Grammy-nominated quintet has taken a unique path, carving out a distinct presence in the classical music world with its dynamic playing, culturally poignant programming, adventurous collaborations, and inspirational outreach programs. With two member composers and a deep commitment to commissioning new work, the group is enriching the traditional wind quintet repertoire while meaningfully bridging European, American, African and Latin American traditions.

April 26th, 2018 Portland Opera – Rigoletto

April 26th, 2018 Portland Opera – Rigoletto

Powerhouse American baritone Stephen Powell returns to Portland Opera as Rigoletto—the court jester who amuses a philandering and immoral Duke. A clown in public, but a doting and protective father to his beloved Gilda in private, Rigoletto’s life will change forever when his mockery goes too far, and results in a fateful curse. Join Portland Opera for a Thursdays @ Three preview of their upcoming performances which take place May 4 – 12.

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Thursdays @ Three Host Christa Wessel

I love exploring Oregon’s nooks and crannies. Since arriving here in 2007, I’ve fallen particularly hard for the Owyhee desert in the far reaches of Southeast Oregon, the rolling high hills surrounding the Deschutes River, and the magically blue waters of Crater Lake. I love camping and hiking but haven’t yet become the toughened sort of Portlander who trudges out in the rainy season… so instead I spend the winter months sheltered inside our area’s concert halls soaking up local culture.

I had once hoped to be a professional French horn player – I attended Northwestern University with that aspiration, but after I realized how much practicing would be involved I ended up graduating with a degree in Arts Administration instead! I still tootle, though… I play 4th horn for the Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra ( ).

A neighborhood speakeasy serving classic and original cocktails made to order, and a casual menu of remarkable comestibles. Age 21 and over, please.

Monday - Saturday • 5:00 p.m. - Midnight

——— THE GOODS ———

——— OUR STORY ———

Since 1989, the nonprofit Fenton Area Resource Referral (FARR) has worked closely with local government, churches, school districts, service clubs, the Chamber of Commerce and other groups to coordinate essential human services and assistance for area residents in need. In early 2014, FARR announced it was relocating its Mill Street office and closing an adjoining thrift store after almost 20 years in operation at the same location. The FARR Board asked if we might be interested in purchasing their building located near the Fenton post office.

We gave it some thought but decided it wasn’t the right time for a new project. After trying to interest other parties in the site, FARR approached us once again and asked that we reconsider, which we did. The initial plan was to renovate the concrete block building and lease the space. But the idea of a neighborhood speakeasy was tossed about, and 113 ½ Mill Street was repurposed as The Relief Resource Co. with the name intended as a respectful nod to the nonprofit that occupied the building for so long.

Jon Foley, long-time Head Barman at The Laundry, got involved and drew on speakeasy tradition by assembling an exceptional selection of craft and original cocktails, plus a well-curated collection of spirits and wine. The Laundry’s Executive Chef Jody Brunori developed an elegant menu featuring a rotating charcuterie board and beautifully constructed plates meant for sharing.

In keeping with a speakeasy-era interest in avoiding detection, The Relief Resource Co. is accessible only via El Topo, its cover business located at 113 Mill Street. Beyond that, we have ‘no comment’.

Please note we do not take reservations; seating is first come, first served. If there happens to be a wait upon your arrival, our door team will take your name and number and contact you when seats become available.

——— OUR COVER ———

Historically, a speakeasy would have had a cover business, some innocuous front intended to disguise illicit alcohol sales during the Prohibition era of 1920 to 1933. We decided on El Topo, a Latin American street food joint with a fresh and creative menu developed by The Laundry’s Chef Jody Brunori. Translating as ‘the mole’ or ‘spy’ in Spanish, El Topo seemed an appropriate cover for a secret speakeasy. To learn more, visit 2014 nike air max invigorating

When we think about beauty, one of the typical things to come to mind are flowers - the fantastic works of nature that keep delighting us with their extraordinary forms, countless colours and marvellous smells. They are a true pleasure to our eyes, our nose... They are the most beautiful decoration you can think of and always make a good gift.

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For ages, flowers have been a decorative element, whether fresh or just as a painted ornament. They have decorated walls, floors, ceilings and fabrics. Not much has changed in that respect, perhaps only one thing - these days we don’t need to hire an artist to paint the floral decorations on the wall. All we need to do is to choose from our wide range of FLORAL WALLPAPERS. REMOVABLE FLORAL WALLPAPERS give you a chance to decorate walls with floral patterns, much like with an artistic fresco. PEEL AND STICK FLOWER WALLPAPERS offer romantic roses, elegant bouquets, rich baroque arrangements with peonies and dahlias or royal peonies.Our graphic designers created the FLORAL WALLPAPERS following the newest trends in interior design so if you prefer something more modern, you will also be able to find something you like. Our PEEL AND STICK FLORAL WALLPAPERS come either with traditional pictures or drawings that show flowers in a more graphic, monochromatic way. Browsing through the dozens of patterns of our REMOVABLE WALLPAPERS, you will find plants from the whole world - colourful tropical flowers, palm trees or sun-loving cactuses, which have recently been very popular.

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✓ Innovative PeelStick material, which alows to be applied and peeled multiple times!✓ Digitally printed, removable with matte finish✓ Sticks to any flat surface

Our FLORAL WALLPAPERS not only show subtle, delicate, feminine, floral themes but also amazing, majestic works of nature. You can also find PEEL AND STICK FLORAL WALLPAPERS which show old-fashioned illustrations, as if taken out straight from grandma’s herbarium, beautiful views you might see during a relaxing walk in the spring or postcards from the most distant parts of the world which show thick, leafy, exotic jungles full of breath-taking flora. A FLORAL WALLPAPER is good for the bedroom, the living room. It also works great in the kitchen, especially that it is washable so stains won't be a problem. Flowers are perfect for almost any kind of space. So, if you choose a FLORAL REMOVABLE WALLPAPER with little roses, you’re going to get a romantic interior. If you want a rustic interior, go for wild flowers, and if you are thinking of something modern, bright and intense graphics with plants should be perfect. There is a reason why flowers have been used as decoration for ages - trust the traditional solutions and choose a FLORAL PEEL AND STICK WALLPAPER for your interior.

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